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Only Sean Clifford Until Penn State Football

That’s my quarterback

Mark Alberti-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Clifford returns for his third season at the helm of the Nittany Lions offense. After a tremendous 2019 campaign, wherein Sean threw for 23 TDs and 7 INTs, and rushed for another five TDs, his numbers dipped in 2020, at just 16 TDs, 9 INTs, and three rushing TDs.

Part of this could have been the new offense under Kirk Ciarrocca, part of this could have been the loss of his top two RBs before the first drive of the season was complete, and part of this could have been due to COVID-19. In any case, Clifford had a not-so-good 2020 season, before finally seemingly putting it back together in the tail end of the season.

But, Kirk Ciarrocca was let go, and Mike Yurcich (yet another supposed QB whisperer) was brought in, making this the third offensive system in as many years for the Lions. Can Clifford rebound in 2021? Or will some of his mannerisms transfer over, and cost the Lions at some point(s) instead? Only time will tell!

Only 14 days to go!