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MMQB - Let’s Get it On


Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

After a long, long off-season - longer than usual, given the lack of a bowl game - the 2021 football season is finally here!

And to that, MMQB has to say: bring it on.

The Lions are facing myriad questions:

  • Will Mike Yurcich right the offensive ship?
  • Is Sean Clifford good enough?
  • Will the offensive line be a strength?
  • Will the defensive line have anybody actually on it?
  • Can this secondary actually be good?
  • Was 2020 just a fluke?

And so on and so forth. The Lions have rightfully been knocked down a few pegs in the polls, and will have to earn their way back to top 10 status. The schedule does them no favors, including a season-opening trip against a top-15 Wisconsin club, not to mention games at Ohio State and Iowa.

But for no good reason at all, I just have a good feeling about the team. I guess we’ll see what happens on Saturday, but for now, bring it on I say.

Football is back, let’s goooooooo!