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Only Kalen King Until Penn State Football

We’re just four days shy of the Penn State-Wisconsin game and the start of a new season.

NCAA Football: Penn State Spring Practice Mark Alberti-USA TODAY Sports

If you followed along during Penn State’s spring camp, you heard Kalen King’s name come up over and over...and over...and over some more.

King was easily the most buzzworthy player of spring. The true freshman made statements on a daily basis at practice to demonstrate his massive potential. While this is the deepest collection of talent at cornerback in Happy Valley in some time, King will look to prove the old adage true...some players are just too good to keep off the field.

King ended spring on an especially high note with two interceptions in the spring scrimmage. How soon until we see #4 pick off his first pass in a regulation game? Probably not terribly long.

We’re just four days away from the start of the 2021 season in Madison!