Share Your stadium experience-mobile ticketing

Entered the stadium at 2:10, gate A. Removed items from pocket, walked thru metal scanners. Entered line for ticket scanner.

3 guys in front got sent away after multiple scans were not successful.

we have 4 tix. I transferred 2 to another couple and they accepted and showed in their Apple Wallet…but this still showed in mine. I let them go first, no problem. I then proceeded to scan and did not get any indication if it worked or not but no one stopped me from proceeding through. The 4 tix are still in my Apple Wallet. Not sure if that worked the way it was supposed to.

Entry into stadium was relatieasy, not sure if it was because we went in so early or if the system worked. You tell me.

proceed to my seats and the rental seat cushions for the people next to us are taking up half my spot. I call an usher over, he doesn’t have a pair of pliers to adjust, he’ll have to call OPP. 20 minutes later, still no one coming to remedy, o teach him down again, same story with him and supervisor. Only OPP can fix it. They never come.

stodent thx seemed to be oversold. Many moved into the letterman’s section, EB, and that caused arguments, a near fistfight, and permanent assignment of security in that section for the remainder of the game.

wifi in the stadium sucks, I could not send or receive texts, check scores, etc all game long. Trying to get on the attwifi system was fruitless. I even turned off phone to reset my system, no luck. This is 2021, fix that! Quit telling me to share my photo in the stadium when I don’t think I could have called 911 or texted about the unruly fans.

we had 4 in our section that decided the rules of society don’t apply to them. Baling, cursing, wearing totally inappropriate clothes for being in public. After an exchange, I believe they realized that the seats they were in were not the same ones on their tickets and left. I’m sure they are not unique our section

Didn’t seem to be the same number of walk around vendors yesterday. Perhaps they are having trouble finding employees.

traffic did not seem to be too much of a problem on Park Ave entering and exiting towards Atherton.

one last thought: enough of the damn commercials. I’m shouting at the clouds but there was 3 breaks of over 2:30 mid to late 4th quarter…cmon, spread those long breaks around better.

2-0…as the student section chanted "we want Auburn"

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