As we have in previous years, BSD should be there for our students, providing the witty, hilarious, and occasionally inappropriate signage that makes Gameday semi-watchable. I think the Iowa State students did a pretty darned good job, so we have our work cut out for us.

So, contribute your best, BSD: Auburn is coming to town, and we wouldn't want them to think less of us! As some have mentioned in the comments, it would be fun to see a BSD mention directly!

Some suggestions, some that are okay, many of which suck:

"Thank goodness Game Day is here. I didn't want to get the Klatt."

"Glad God gave Auburn a QB with a name even Alabamans could spell."

"Please pick someone besides Keegan Michael Key."

"Hey Iowa, we know corn too."

"North 1. South 0."

(And for you Civil War buffs) "Hey Alabamans, ready for that third run up Little Round Top?"

"Ohio State Sucks."

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