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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 2

We have a new team at the top!

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Just when you think that the week 2 slate of games was a boring one, you get one of the biggest upsets of the college football season to date. Man, I love college football.

To be clear: these rankings are a reflection of just how well a team is playing, not a reflection of records, polls, number of NIL agreements signed by players, etc.

Simply put - the #1 team would, on a neutral field, beat the #2 team at least 51 times out of 100. The #2 team would beat the #3 team, #3 would beat #4, etc., etc.

Let’s get to it!

1. Iowa

We have a new team at the top of these rankings! Iowa took care of business against in-state rival Iowa State to the tune of 27-17. Was Iowa State overrated? Perhaps. But no one should scoff at rivalry games, and so far Iowa has looked quite dominant. They realistically might not lose before they welcome Penn State to Kinnick.

2. Penn State

Movin’ on up! Penn State dominated Ball State in an easier-than-some-expected 44-13 win. There are some things to clean up, but the Lions have to feel good sitting at 2-0. Auburn presents a huge test before the team will finally get a reprieve.

3. Ohio State

I THOUGHT OSU looked mortal! I was right, go me. The Buckeyes got down early to Oregon, and just when it looked like they were about to complete the comeback, the Ducks slammed the door. Will OSU lose more games this season? Who knows! But they currently have ZERO margin for error - one more loss and their playoff hopes are done. Be a real shame if that second loss came to Penn State, wouldn’t it?

4. Wisconsin

The Badgers recovered with a solid 34-7 win over Eastern Michigan. I’m extremely excited for the Wisconsin-Iowa game later this year, because the final score could very well end up 6-4.

5. Indiana

The next, like, seven teams could probably be shuffled around and you wouldn’t hear much complaining from me. Indiana beat FCS Idaho 56-14. Not much to discuss here.

6. Maryland

Maryland beat FCS Howard 62-0. Even less to discuss here.

7. Michigan

Michigan beat FCS John Donovan-led Washington 31-10. Honestly, having John Donovan call plays might relegate any football team to FCS. Or D-II perhaps. But as always, the media is going to hype up the Wolverines’ win unnecessarily so. NOT ME.

8. Purdue

Purdue beat FCS UConn 49-0. I’m just saying - why is UConn still D-1? It doesn’t make any sense.

9. Rutgers

Look, you might not like it, but Rutgers is not bad. They beat Syracuse 17-7, in one of the “better” wins this past weekend. They’re currently receiving votes in the AP Poll, and Penn Staters should NOT sleep on them.

10. Minnesota

Yes, Minnesota won, but they had to hang on for dear life for a 31-26 win over Miami (OH). Seems that the Gophers shot their shot against OSU, and that was about it. They have to be missing Mohamed Ibrahim on offense.

11. Michigan State

Michigan State beat FCS Youngstown State 42-17. Nothing else to discuss here.

12. Nebraska

I don’t really think Nebraska warrants moving up the rankings after beating Buffalo 28-3, but unlike some other teams, they actually beat a FBS team, and that has to count for something, doesn’t it?

13. Northwestern

Yeah, I had to do it. Northwestern did beat FCS Indiana State 24-6, but they turned in the most uninspired FBS-over-FCS win of the weekend around the conference. Were it not for Illinois, the Wildcats may have found themselves in the basement.

14. Illinois

As much as I wanted to keep the Illini out of the cellar, they didn’t just lose to UVA, they got demolished by UVA. A 42-14 beatdown does not garner you much good will in these rankings, especially following the week 1 loss to UTSA.

Me like squiggly lines. You like squiggly lines. We like squiggly lines:

Iowa takes over the top spot, with PSU right behind them. OSU drops with their loss, and Wisconsin is right on their heels. Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Purdue, Rutgers and Michigan State make up the middle tier, and could all realistically be shuffled around without much issue. Nebraska climbs, but chiefly because Northwestern and Illinois drop.

Moar chaos!