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Koerbler PR Firm: Ha, So Not Intimidated

Classless James Franklin, smh

Penn State University vs University of Illinois Set Number: X81132 TK1 R3 F25

After a heart-stopping victory in Madison where I need medical attention about 32 times throughout the game, the Nittany Lions went out against Ball State and took care of business. I mean, it was the quintessential victory against a MAC team.

  • Penn State scored two touchdowns on their opening two drives
  • Penn State’s defense caused two three-and-outs on Ball State’s opening two drives
  • Penn State coasted the rest of the way, not allowing a touchdown until the backups were in when it was 37-6

That is basically exactly what you wanted if you were Penn State. Unfortunately for me, drama-less games don’t make for great PR columns. But the good news: it’s Auburn week. For the first time since 2011, Penn State plays host to an SEC team.

1. Auburn Fans

For those who follow me on Twitter, they know I pledged my loyalty to Auburn last fall when it appeared that the Big Ten season wasn’t going to happen. And man, what a season it was for my Auburn Tigers — the former five-star QB regressed in a noticeable way, while the head coach got fired. The Koerbler Touch, folks. What can I say?

But let me say: I love my Auburn Fam. Nothing but respect for the people on the Plains. War Eagle. Cam and Cecil deserved every dollar. Bo Knows. That being said, they appear to be a sensitive bunch on the Twitter machine. In response to Franklin’s patented “1-0” mantra tweet, we had this from Auburn fans.

I get being fired up for their 2-0 start with dominant wins over Alabama — er, Alabama State — and Akron, and I get having that enthusiasm with a trip to Happy Valley on the docket. But really, we’re going to take offense to the most blatantly vanilla coach-speak mantra in football? That’s what we’re doing, Auburn fans?

Toss in the fact that Auburn fans aren’t even slightly worried about playing in a White Out because they’ve played at Alabama and Georgia before, and I have to say, the inferiority complex feels strong here. I always viewed Auburn as similar to Penn State fan-wise, but perhaps they are more like a low-tier Big Ten program like Maryland or Michigan.

2. James Franklin

It’s that time of the year, folks: a top 20 job has opened up and James Franklin would be a PERFECT fit there. Eli did a great job outlining some of those reasons why Franklin would fit seemingly at Southern Cal. But here at Koerbler PR, we are always looking ahead. With some other potential jobs opening up, here is why Franklin is a PERFECT fit elsewhere.

James Franklin loves corn. Just ask his proctologist.

Ball is literally life.

James Franklin is from just outside Philly. Did you know he’s a Pennsylvania boy?

Washington State
James might be a PA boy, but Fumi is a fiercely loyal Wazzu grad. Coming Home 2.0?

The chance to one-up Randy Edsall is too much to pass up.

Moving forward, I will post these takes every year. Every single year. And yes, I will be confused as to why readers are mad when I do so.