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The B1G Preview: Boomer Sooner

I do enjoy out of conference games

Football - NCAA - Oklahoma vs. Nebraska Photo by Josh Wolfe /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

The non-conference slate continues, and we have some fun ones around the league. First up is Friday evening, and running all day until Penn State concludes the weekend against Auburn. Let’s get to it!

Maryland (2-0, 0-0 Big Ten) at Illinois (1-2, 1-0)

9:00 PM Eastern (Friday), FS1
Maryland -7.5

Maryland has looked good offensively, while Illinois has been on the struggle bus following their season-opening win over Nebraska. I expect this one will be over not long into the second half, but hey, it’s Friday night football!

Should You Watch? Yes, unless you’d rather watch local high school football, which may be more competitive.
Prediction: Maryland 42, Illinois 17

Nebraska (2-1) at No. 3 Oklahoma (2-0)

Noon Eastern, Fox
Oklahoma -22

I am going to enjoy watching Nebraska get its teeth kicked in this weekend. There’s not much else to say here, I just enjoy Nebraska losing, and losing big.

Should You Watch? Yes, but only out of sheer morbid curiosity to see how brutal the game is.
Prediction: Oklahoma 45, Nebraska 10

No. 8 Cincinnati (2-0) at Indiana (1-1)

Noon Eastern, ESPN
Cincinnati -4

So I’m digging on the fact that Cincinnati started highly ranked in the polls, and of course dogging on Ohio State as not being the highest ranked team in their state. But I also get the feeling that Indiana isn’t as hapless as Iowa made them look, and I’m actually putting on my upset underoos for this one.

Should You Watch? Sure, once you’ve had enough of Nebraska’s bloodletting.
Prediction: Indiana 28, Cincinnati 27

Michigan State (2-0) at No. 24 Miami (1-1)

Noon Eastern, ABC
Miami -6.5

This game does absolutely nothing for me. Michigan State is back from the dead, Miami is ranked when it shouldn’t be, and I just have no interest in watching.

Should You Watch? No.
Prediction: Miami 24, Michigan State 17

Northern Illinois (1-1) at No. 25 Michigan (2-0)

Noon Eastern, BTN
Michigan -27

Michigan is going to win this game, and probably comfortably. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if it wasn’t comfortable? If Northern Illinois made the Wolverines sweat it out well into the second half? That’d be awesome.

Should You Watch? Nope, unless the Huskies are having a go at it.
Prediction: Michigan 37, Northern Illinois 14

Minnesota (1-1) at Colorado (1-1)

1:00 PM Eastern, PAC12
Colorado -2.5

The Buffs gave Texas A&M everything they had last week, but couldn’t quite pull out a win. I feel like this line is just a bit conservative, and Colorado should have a bigger win than this. But Minnesota proved it can hang with Ohio State, so who knows?

Should You Watch? I wouldn’t.
Prediction: Colorado 21, Minnesota 14

Purdue (2-0) at No. 12 Notre Dame (2-0)

2:30 PM Eastern, NBC
Notre Dame -7.5

Notre Dame has looked extremely vulnerable through two weeks, and their hard-fought victories are looking increasingly shaky. Will Purdue pull off the upset? Who knows, but I do have my upset underoos on, and it’d be a shame to waste them . . . .

Should You Watch? It’s probably the best late-afternoon game, so yeah.
Prediction: Purdue 35, Notre Dame 28

Kent State (1-1) at No. 5 Iowa (2-0)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Iowa -22.5

This game is going to be boring to everyone except Iowa fans. Even they may get bored with it, to be honest.

Should You Watch? Heavens, no.
Prediction: Iowa 42, Kent State 17

Tulsa (0-2) at No. 9 Ohio State (1-1)

3:30 PM Eastern, FS1
Ohio State -24.5

The Buckeyes lost, and now need to win out to have a realistic chance at the playoffs. A single loss, and OSU can kiss their playoff chances goodbye. I don’t think Tulsa is going to be the team that trips Ohio State up.

Should You Watch? Nah.
Prediction: Ohio State 56, Tulsa 6

Delaware (2-0) at Rutgers (2-0)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
No Line

Rutgers is actually good this year, and I am not looking forward to playing them. Neither should Delaware.

Should You Watch? Nope on a rope.
Prediction: Rutgers 31, Delaware 10

Northwestern (1-1) at Duke (1-1)

4:00 PM Eastern, ACCN
Northwestern -3

NERRRRRRRRRRRDS! The smart kids will get together to try to beat each other in the most mathematically effective way possible, and anyone who watches will be worse off for having done so.

Should You Watch? No.
Prediction: Northwestern 17, Duke 14