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BSD Mailbag 9.17.21

It’s Auburn week, and we’re back with answers to your questions!

Ball State v Penn State
too bad he gone
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

What’s the over/under for # of Auburn players that literally shit their pants before their first offensive snap??—LocalYocal

Literally? Zero. Figuratively, I’m going to guess 5 or 6. I think Tank Bigsby’s going to be fine.

Setting tradition aside, wouldn’t an ultimate WHITEOUT require Penn State wearing their….WHITES?PeteZockyU

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see us wear whites on the whiteout? I mean, setting aside the fact that literally no opposing coach would agree to it (and they would have to agree, since this is an exception not the rule), blue means home to me. And all those Auburn fans on twitter who are thanking PSU fans in advance for wearing the color their team will be wearing on Saturday – I’m not sure if you think you’re clever, or you just don’t care, but trust me, we’ve heard it all before.

Can you find (or explain) how Auburn got its name? I perused the wiki o pedia and that Auburn school site and there is something to the affect of some poem.

The city of Auburn, founded in 1836 by Judge John Harper, has a population of about 35,000. The name was derived from the line “Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the Plain” in Oliver Goldsmith’s poem “The Deserted Village.”

I cannot find the poem but I admit I am no expert other than the googley thing.— LarzLion

The university was originally called East Alabama Male College (a year after the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania was founded) and became a land-grant university soon after. It was renamed the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, then Alabama Polytechnic Institute, which was its name until 1960 when it adopted its current name.

You can find the poem that gave the town its name here.

Why are there three “Tigers” in the SEC? Is there anything lazier than picking panthers, wildcats, tigers, or bulldogs as your team name? The Nittany Lions name is damn near perfect, but what I can appreciate about the Big Ten is that nearly every team (sorry MSU, NW and Rutgers) has a unique name. I believe Auburn and LSU were founding members of the SEC, but I think that Missouri should have been required to change their team name to join the conference.

Tackling the big issues on a slow Monday.— kijana’s acl

I agree, though – even though your “big issues” comment is facetious, it is absolutely ludicrous to have three teams with the same mascot in the same conference.

Auburn adopted the Tiger as its mascot before it officially became Auburn (in 1959) – but after the SEC was established in 1932. LSU has been the Tigers since 1936 – predating the Auburn adoption of the mascot.

Even though Mizzou is the last Tiger team to join the conference, they actually adopted the mascot of Tiger well before either other SEC team – they’ve been the Tigers since the 19th century.

Only LSU actually has a real live tiger as its true mascot, though, which is horrible enough that I think they should be the ones to give it up, though Auburn is the last of the three to adopt the mascot (and has an easy replacement in an Eagle).

If a Tiger and a Nittany Lion get in a fight, who wins?PascalsDog

We’ll find out on Saturday.

How crapping scared should we be that someone might become ineligible for a big game cuz of positive test? My hopes for this season are getting too high—PhillyLion

It is not out of the realm of possibility, but I’ll just sit here in my cocoon of disbelief and pretend it won’t happen. I can’t believe we haven’t had a single team having to cancel any games so far this season, though – especially with some of the coaches being pretty outspokenly anti-vax.

Will Clay Helton be fired before the end of the season? corollary…over/under – how many weeks until the “Franklin to USC” rumors begin?— Pasadena’95

Not a very timely question anymore! And I think it took about 15 or so minutes…if I’m being generous

Now that the USC job is officially open....does Franklin leave for LA right away, or does he finish out the season here first?MJBPSU

This was asked in sarcasm font, but there are a not-small group of folks who actually wouldn’t be surprised if he left right away, and some folks who’d be glad to see him go. While I disagree on the former (I don’t think he’d leave in the middle of a season full of opportunity like this one, let alone at all), I truly find the latter group baffling. No coach could have done better here than Franklin has these last 8 years. I’ll die on that hill.

The USC Job. Let’s get it out there. Two part question:

1). How attractive is the USC job? Is it a more preferable position to Penn State?

2). What’s the probability that Franklin pulls the Brooklyn Dodger move and heads to LA?Kilgore42

Apparently I’m not the right person to ask, because I would have told you that USC is a far less attractive job than Penn State, especially in the state both programs are in. Yes, on paper it seems easier to win the Pac 12 than be in the same division as Ohio State – but at USC, you have boosters calling for the coach’s firing even quicker than some called for Franklin to be let go. And there has seemingly been little consistency with the USC program, both on and off the field, since Pete Carroll left. Now that they actually have a decent AD (one with ties to Luke Fickell), they could be turning things around, but time will only tell.

I don’t really expect him to leave, but I do expect he and his agent will leverage the press coverage of USC’s interest to a bump up in assistant pay and even more (needed) facilities upgrades.

So late breaking question now that the annual “CJF to USC” nonsense has started. Suppose for a second he does leave. The Panthers are not exactly expected to light up the NFL this year. Does PSU make a play for Matt Rhule, or has that ship sailed?— NittanyPUMA

Nah. I like Rhule, but I don’t think that’s the direction we should go as a program right now. He would be fine, and I wouldn’t hate the hire, but I think we should go after someone like Mark Stoops or Luke Fickell.

Could the sun be setting on the Ohio State dynasty? There were articles after last week’s loss that the defense is not as good now that the old DC is the HC at BC (that is a lot of abbreviations!). Also, Urbz left Day on 3rd base and perhaps he is further from home at this point.LarzLion

I will never count out Ohio State’s ability to compete for championships consistently until it happens. One game does not a downturn make, as evidenced by 2014 when they lost to Virginia Tech and all the talking heads were wondering if Urban Meyer was truly the guy at OSU…and then they proceed to win the first FBS college football playoff. Of course, I’d like to see it, but more importantly I’d like to see us roll off a few wins against them while beating them still has any luster.

What are your favorite and least favorite teams in the Power 5 conferences? Who is your least favorite B1G opponent?


B1G – It was Michigan. Now it’s Ohio State.

ACC - Favorite – NC State – the fans really love the school and all the teams, even wrestling

Least Favorite – North Carolina – the fans only care about basketball

SEC - Favorite – LSU – I love their uniforms. Watched many LSU games on ESPN back when not everybody had lights.

Least Favorite – Florida

Big XII - Favorite – Iowa State – I respect their wrestling program.

Least Favorite – Oklahoma State – Mike Gundy is a clown. I hate the Cowboy style of wrestling not to lose.

PAC 12 - Favorite – Stanford – I’d love for one of my kids to go there. Their support for non-revenue sports is on par with the B1G and Ivy League.

Least Favorite – USC – very annoying, but they’re sent many of my favorite players to the Steelers.Gerry Dincher

Big Ten least favorite – Northwestern. Can’t stand Fitzgerald.

ACC favorite – UNC. I almost went there, and have a friend who was a varsity swimmer. Plus, Michael Jordan.

ACC least favorite – Right now, it’s Clemson – just because of the sanctimony of Dabo (and why I can’t stand Fitzgerald). For the longest time it was FSU, though.

SEC favorite – Alabama. They’re just nice, and when we played them a decade ago it actually was friendly and competitive and they were so knowledgeable (not just about the SEC).

SEC least favorite – I dunno, maybe Tennessee? There’s a lot of overinflated sense of the stature of their program there. But I don’t really hate any SEC teams.

Big XII favorite – I don’t really have a favorite here. Maybe K State, because Bill Snyder was grandpa great?

Big XII least favorite – Oklahoma State, out of Stallwater.

Pac 12 favorite – UW. Their fans were nice in the Fiesta in 2017, and I have friends that went there.

Pac 12 least favorite – USC, bar none. They’re so arrogant based on what feels like more recency bias than a lot of other historically great programs.

This is not related to the game at all.

But did you know that John Donovan makes $875k per year as OC at Washington? I clearly went into the wrong profession. This dude called a run into the teeth of a strong Michigan defense. On 4th and 4. After they showed no ability to run on said defense for 3 quarters.swift_retribution

I did know that, and also none of what has transpired in Seattle has surprised me. I feel really bad for my UW fan friends. We warned them – I don’t think any of us wanted to be right, but we warned them. And it’s almost worse than we feared, because he took over a program that was actually in decent shape and so quickly has become a dumpster fire on offense.

As long as we’re going unrelated…Joe Moorhead makes $900K per year as OC at Oregon. Dude beat tO$U. I think he’s underpaid. (He’s probably still getting payments from Miss St though)Smee

I’m sure that he is making a lot more sweet, sweet Nike money than his base salary of $900k reflects…and he’s worth every penny.

He got dealt a bad hand at Miss St, and was probably a worse culture fit than most of us wanted to realize at the time. I think he’ll be successful as an HC at another FBS program, but it should be on the east coast or west coast.

More salary talk: Jesse James banked something like $17 million in his career. Love to see it.Liongame

I’m more excited that he’s been able to be on a roster for going on seven years now (albeit on a Chicago team this year that seems a bit…dysfunctional), which means his pension is vested and he’ll have health insurance basically the rest of his life. Financial security ftw!

How do people balance their dislike/distrust of ESPN due to IT with their desire to have Gameday in Happy Valley?PSU_Lions_84

I never really had a dislike or distrust of ESPN, and folks that did I think never really had a healthy understanding of ESPN as an actual business that wants one thing: money. And during the scandal, they got eyeballs and more money. In our capitalist system, that’s not frowned upon – that’s what should be expected, whether we like it or not.

I like the spectacle of Game Day and the idea of it, though I stopped watching it as a program years ago and now that Tom Rinaldi’s gone to Fox, I probably won’t even pick up clips of it (especially since seeing Lee Corso’s situation now is just so gosh darned sad).

Anyone else notice that more E$PN content is now sitting behind a paywall? I know that they are in business to make money. I get that, but having their bowl projections (which are divulged by BSD weekly for PSU and its projected opponent) seems like a bit of stretch to want me to open the wallet. Soon it seems that the only free content will be scores of games.LarzLion

It feels like *everything* is more behind a paywall now. ESPN is likely trying to compete as much as it can with the Athletic, and though Bill Connolly’s stuff is still great, I think they’re falling even further behind as time goes on. Online ads just don’t pay the bills anymore!

Does anyone else find FOX network to be the worst to watch football? All other networks games are 3.5 hours long. FOX’s games are 4 hours long, because of commercials. Example: PSU scores a touchdown, we sit there for 3 minutes (it’s on a time clock in the stadium). After those 3 minutes, we kick-off to Balls Tate & sit another 3 minutes after the kick-off.

While watching the Eagles on FOX yesterday, I had REDZONE on the other TV. I noticed through the course of the game, I saw 3 plays on REDZONE that were not shown on FOX, because of the commercials. I did find it funny that the NFL doesn’t play FOX’s games of trying to slip in the extra commercial.EagleLionSly

YESSSSS. I hate fox sports so much. I don’t like their anchors as much as ABC/ESPN/Big Ten, and the talking heads on their pregame show (and halftime reports) are just the worst. You shouldn’t have two alumni who actually played together be cohosting the same show. Have some parity, people!

That being said, the aforementioned Tom Rinaldi is an American treasure and I will continue to watch his pieces, even if they are now on Fox.

Jesse Delgado is fighting an MMA match this weekend. How much money would you pay to view him getting punched in the face from the comfort of your living room.mattinglywasking

Aw man. Don’t tempt me with such a good time!

I didn’t know that running away was allowed in MMA? I guess we’ll find out this weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Speaking of wrestling when do we usually find out the PSU wrestling schedule for the season? Will they be coming down to the Southern Scuffle again?—Precious Roy

The Big Ten schedule is out, as of Wednesday!

No word yet on the Scuffle. I am disappointed they didn’t keep the tri-dual format from last year, I thought that was pretty cool. Also disappointed we wrestle at Iowa…again.

Because of a conversation in the Power Ranking thread, I’m SoCal based, looking to retire in 9 years, and looking to move to the East Coast. Thinking about Southern PA, someplace close enough to State College to allow a somewhat short drive to home sporting events and a somewhat “short” drive to work part time in the school tour industry in DC (already have my post retirement job lined up). What are the towns I should be considering?Tmbgiants_3

Franklin County or York county are likely your best bets – I know of a lot of folks who commute in from there. Honestly, it depends on where in and around DC you’re planning on working, and if you can plot out good routes that let you avoid 270 and/or 95 to get to the city.

What’s the best chain hoagie place? Also, has anyone tried PrimoHoagies? There’s a location near me. I’m skeptical that they’re truly “primo.” Most chain hoagie places seem to pile on the cheap deli cuts (ham or turkey) instead of something I’d really want like soppressata or good salami.

Edit: WTF. Capicola? Prosciutto? Impressed.Liongame

Please don’t hate me, but I’m not a big hoagie girl. I prefer a sandwich with bread, not a roll (unless my good friend PSUGirl has made the rolls). I’ll take suggestions on places to go to change my mind in the comments, though!

And though I’m not a hoagie connoisseur, I’ll take corned beef on practically any sort of bread-like exterior. That’s gotta be my favorite.

What’s the worst hangover you’ve had? I’m pretty sure the one I’m currently sporting is going to make it into day 3 tomorrow. I’ve sworn off drinking for the rest of my life, or 2 weeks, whichever comes first.Succss With Honor Always

The worst was an inexplicable hangover after a bachelorette party four years ago. I never even felt that drunk the night before, but the hangover was absolutely the WORST.

Also, the hangover after losing the TaxSlayer Bowl in 2015 was pretty bad, likely partly because of that game (which I have blocked from my memory despite being told that one Trace McSorley actually looked pretty good).

Favorite Norm McDonald bit?— mattinglywasking

I’ve been watching clips of his ever since news broke, and I’m not sure I could pick out a single big. In retrospect, his insistence on calling OJ a murderer, even to the detriment of his career in being fired from SNL, was simply epic and worthy of singular praise; but any time he was a guest on a talk show, where he could riff off of what the host or other guests were saying, was amazing. I know most comedians have quick wits, but his ability to not just deliver planned jokes but turn them around off the cuff (coupled with his delivery) were just stellar. RIP, Norm. You’ll be missed.