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SWH is Congratulating the Chocolate Milk Champion

The Creamery is on top again.

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2018 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

Looking forward to Saturday’s game? So is Herbie!

  • We all know this is a huge game, so it’s not surprising to see a potential CFP discussion start prior to the game in Madison.
  • Look forward to our prediction post!

Speaking of the Nittany Lions, the presumptive starter is excited about his group’s potential.

  • Give me all of the two-TE sets with Strange and Johnson. Imagine the potential...

Turning to the professional ranks, there’s some sad and some bad:

First, an offensive lineman is hanging it up after a couple Super Bowl rings.

  • So long, Wis. Will he take his secondary education degree and go teach HS English now? (No, probably not-but it would be fun if he did.)

The Ravens made an unwise decision.

  • Someone please pick him up! (I’ll take him on the Giants-he knows how to finish a run, unlike their current starter.)

The Creamery is on top of the dairy world.

  • I don’t think I’ve actually tried it yet-only the ice cream and maybe the regular milk? I have to get it now!

Finally, ICYMI, it’s the sports story of the week.

  • I love this, but I am also mystified as to how ESPN let this happen.