Auburn reaction

So I golfed with a huge Auburn fan on Friday before the game and all he could say is that Aurburn plays bama every year and that is the biggest venue and the white out ain't nothing. After the game all he could say was it was a good game but we had you because they didn't call PI on Brisker and they should have given us a safety (I was not going to get into it with him on that).

But after reading some of the Auburn fan's comments that seems to be the general consensus. The white out ain't nothing special, they ran it down our throats, their receivers aren't good (nothing about our secondary being really good), they let Clifford dink and dunk down the field and we got lucky on a few plays...Oh and LSU is louder hahaha

I know we probably do that do on our own games but damn give some credit where credit is due. The White Out had an effect, two false starts is better than none and you could see they had issues communicating. Our D had a plan and it worked, honestly though I wish they would have thrown more at Bigsby and made Nix throw more. But Bigsby is legit and they are built to run with him. Dude is a solid solid player.

After seeing the FU and Bama game, I honestly think that Auburn can dethrone the tide. I honestly hope they do. Auburn is a solid team and I think they will be in the top 10 by the end of the year.

But they are still disillusioned.

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