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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Villanova

The staff looks into their crystal ball for results against the Wildcats.

Syndication: Wilmington WILLIAM BRETZGER, The News Journal

This game may end up far closer for any number of reasons. If it’s because they emptied out the depth chart on the field for more than half the game, then we’re probably in the midst of a potentially special season, but if they sleepwalk through this because they’re coasting off last week’s win then this team might not be quite ready for primetime. The 1-0 mentality of James Franklin should keep this team focused on taking care of their business with Villanova and not looking ahead at a revenge game next instead.

Penn State 55, Villanova 20


Rollie Massimino ain’t walking through that door.

Penn State 45, Villanova 10


Mike Nardi, not walking through that door! Curtis Sumpter, nowhere to be seen! Will Sheridan? Nope! Nittany Lions in a rout.

Penn State 48, Nova 10


Computer rankings change all the time, but I want to point out that per Massey, Villanova is the #131 team in the country. Ball State is #118, so anyone expecting this to be a straight up demolition may be disappointed.

That being said, Penn State is a much, much better team, and will still win comfortably. The rotation will deepen, and we’ll see a lot of reserves on Saturday. The Lions will win by a fairly easy margin, but in a game that will leave a lot of people “underwhelmed.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Penn State 42, Villanova 17


Penn State should dispatch of Villanova rather easily. In a game like this you want to see young guys get the opportunity to get quality developmental reps. If all goes according to plan TaQuan Roberson will get plenty of reps in the second half. You would like to see young wide receivers such as Tre Wallace, Liam Clifford and Jaden Dottin get plenty of playing time, as well as offensive lineman such as Landon Tengwall, Bryce Effner and Olu Fashanu.

Defensively this seems like a great opportunity for Keaton Ellis and Tyler Rudolph both to get plenty of game reps at safety to help solidify safety depth. The same goes for Johnny Dixon and Kalen King at cornerback, as well as Kobe King, Charlie Katshir and Tyler Elsdon at linebacker. Excited to watch Fatorma Mulbah, Coziah Izzard, Zuriah Fisher, Smith Vilbert and Amin Vanover on the defensive line. Let the young guys feast as the Nittany Lions roll.

Penn State 45, Villanova 10


According to the ratings, Villanova is right around Ball State in terms of quality. They are, in fact, 3-0 on the season, just like Penn State. All that said, Villanova is still an FCS team and Penn State is not a bottom feeder in the Big Ten. This game should be over rather quickly.

Penn State 56, Villanova 17


(originally appearing in the Game Preview)

I don’t mean any disrespect when I say things like Penn State will have a vanilla gameplan and get experience for the back-ups on Saturday. The members of Villanova are playing at a level that only a miniscule percent of high school players can achieve. They have the talent and work ethic to balance the incredible demands of being a student-athlete. They’re also coming in at 3-0 after an incredible start to the season.

However, the talent gap is too severe to think there’s much of a chance for anything but a Penn State blowout.

Jon Lovett is the offensive MVP as he gets caught up to speed, with over a 100 yards on the ground including a 70 yard touchdown scamper. Jahan Dotson continues his touchdown streak on a deep pass early in the game. On defense, Daequan Hardy and Joey Porter Jr. each get picks, while Derrick Tangelo contributes a sack and three TFLs.

Let’s do this.

Penn State 49, Villanova 7