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Bo Nickal Wins MMA Debut Friday Night

Just the beginning.

2019 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Set Number: X162554 TK4

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Bo Nickal ragdoll’d his opponent. Except instead of it being on the wrestling mat, this time it was in an MMA fight, as Bo Nickal picked up a first round submission win in his mixed martial art debut.

The fight went just how you would think: Bo put his chin down, marched to the middle of the ring, and proceeded to take his opponent to the ground. From there, it was a bit of ground-and-pound before Nickal got ahold of his neck, and boom — lights out at the crocodile house.

We’ll see how much longer Nickal stays on the small organization scene. He’s at one of the top MMA gyms in the country in American Top Team, and is represented by Malki Kawa, one of the top managers in the game, so I am sure they have a nice road map for his early MMA career. But it’s clear that a wrestler of Bo’s caliber will find it tough to be challenged outside of the UFC and Bellator.