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The B1G Preview: ¡El Classico!

Some entertaining non-conference games highlight this week’s slate of games

NCAA Football: Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

This week is dominated by entertaining non-conference games, starting at 11 AM on Saturday, and culminating at 8 PM with some Pac-12 festivities. Let’s get to it!

Illinois (1-1) at Virginia (1-0)

11:00 AM Eastern, ACCN
UVA -10

Illinois made a statement in upending Nebraska in week 0, then promptly lost to UTSA. I’m not saying this will be a fun game, but it’s also on TV before the rest of the games around the country, so sure, why not.

Should You Watch? Yes, until noon.
Prediction: Virginia 30, Illinois 17

No. 12 Oregon (1-0) at No. 3 Ohio State (1-0)

Noon Eastern, Fox
Ohio State -14.5

It’s funny how much a week of actual game play can change your outlook on things. Prior to the start of the season, I thought Oregon had a real chance against OSU. And sure, upsets happen, but the Ducks did not look great, whereas Ohio State played B-grade ball at best against Minnesota and still won going away. Not looking great for Oregon.

Should You Watch? Yes, but only until Ohio State is up by two scores.
Prediction: Ohio State 35, Oregon 14

Youngstown State (1-0) at Michigan State (1-0)

Noon Eastern, BTN
No Line

Well hey there Michigan State, welcome back from the dead! Nothing like a FCS opponent to keep the blood pumping in your recently undead veins right?

Should You Watch? Nope.
Prediction: Michigan State 42, Youngstown State 7

Miami (OH) (0-1) at Minnesota (0-1)

Noon Eastern, ESPNU
Minnesota -20

Credit where it’s due, the Gophers fought hard against Ohio State, but ultimately couldn’t overcome the Buckeyes’ passing game. Mohamed Ibrahim is out with an injury as well, but Tanner Morgan and Co. should be up to the task to defeat the Redhawks.

Should You Watch? Negative.
Prediction: Minnesota 42, Miami (OH) 17

Indiana State (1-0) at Northwestern (0-1)

Noon Eastern, BTN
No Line

Northwestern looked wayyyyy worse than I thought they would, but then I have never once predicted a Northwestern game correctly. Maybe I can get one right this time?.

Should You Watch? Absolutely not.
Prediction: Northwestern 37, Indiana State 14

Rutgers (1-0) at Syracuse (1-0)

2:00 PM Eastern, ACCN
Rutgers -2.5

Rutgers joined Maryland and Michigan State as teams on Penn State’s schedule that I was originally hoping would be fairly easy wins, but instead look to be tough outs. Oh boy! I don’t really understand the line, because I think the Scarlet Knights are actually a really solid team.

Should You Watch? Sure, why not, it’s a weird time and you’ve already turned off Ohio State-Oregon.
Prediction: Rutgers 35, Syracuse 17

Purdue (1-0) at UConn (0-2)

3:00 PM Eastern, CBSSN
Purdue -34

It’s times like these that I’m reminded that UConn is technically still a FBS team. Then I’m left wondering why exactly that is, because they are horribad.

Should You Watch? Goodness me, no.
Prediction: Purdue 52, UConn 7

Buffalo (1-0) at Nebraska (1-1)

3:30 PM Eastern, BTN
Nebraska -13.5

Buffalo lost a LOT of production from last year, and so should be considered a heavy underdog here. But man, wouldn’t it be something if Nebraska crapped the bed against another “inferior” team?

Should You Watch? I plan on checking it out, at least to see which Nebraska will show up.
Prediction: Buffalo 28, Nebraska 24

No. 10 Iowa (1-0) at No. 9 Iowa State (1-0)

4:30 PM Eastern, ABC
Iowa State -4.5

¡El Classico! Apparently this is the first time this game will be held between two top 10 opponents - we’re witnessing history here people! Iowa looked dominant against Indiana, but were it not for some offensive “issues” from Indiana, the game would have been much closer. Meanwhile, Iowa State barely beat Northern Iowa 16-10. What I’m saying is neither of these teams should be top 10, but here we are.

Should You Watch? It’s literal history people! Yes!
Prediction: Iowa 21, Iowa State 20

Eastern Michigan (1-0) at No. 18 Wisconsin (0-1)

7:00 PM Eastern, FS1
Wisconsin -26

Wisconsin couldn’t quite do enough offensively against Penn State, but they’re still a very solid football team, and a contender in the West. This one will not be competitive, as the Badgers take out some frustrations.

Should You Watch? Only if you like movies like Saw and Hostel.
Prediction: Wisconsin 56, Eastern Michigan 10

Idaho (1-0) at Indiana (0-1)

7:30 PM Eastern, BTN
No Line

The Hoosiers collapsed under all their preseason hype, and look to be quite beatable. Luckily for them, they get to play a FCS team to lick their wounds a bit.

Should You Watch? No.
Prediction: Indiana 42, Idaho 7

Howard (0-1) at Maryland (1-0)

7:30 PM Eastern, BTN
No Line

Maryland looked really competitive against West Virginia, making Penn State’s schedule that much harder. Howard is not West Virginia, and the Terrapins put a beating on another FCS team.

Should You Watch? I wouldn’t.
Prediction: Maryland 49, Howard 14

Washington (0-1) at Michigan (1-0)

8:00 PM Eastern, ABC
Michigan -7

Before the season started, I had this as a top 3 B1G game this weekend, after Ohio State-Oregon and Iowa-Iowa State. Now? Washington lost to Montana last week, and yet somehow Michigan is only favored by a touchdown? Blech. I’ll watch, but only from morbid curiosity.

Should You Watch? Yes, but if it gets to be too icky, you can turn on Ratatouille instead.
Prediction: Michigan 35, Washington 17