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Meet The 2022 Class: WR Tyler Johnson


BSD’s recruiting staff sat down for a roundtable on each prospect Penn State signed in the 2022 class. Coming in at No. 18 was three-star wide receiver Tyler Johnson.

What makes you excited about Tyler Johnson?

“Over the summer Johnson camped for the staff and blew them away with his performance, earning his performance. I am a big believer in camp offers due to the staff having been able to work the player out, get accurate measurements, etc., because they know what they are getting in the player. On film Johnson looks like a sneaky explosive receiver with strong fundamentals.” --Marty

What worries you about Tyler Johnson?

“When it comes to wide receiver prospects, ideally they check at least one elite box — whether that be size, quickness, agility, speed, etc. I’m not sure Johnson really checks any of those. He doesn’t have any major question marks and I would categorize him as having a higher ceiling because of it, but I’m not sure he has WR1 or WR2 upside. Honestly, he reminds me some of Mac Hippenhammer — which, if the dropsies didn’t come, would have been a nice player here.” --Patrick

Do you think Tyler Johnson will be redshirted next season? Around what point of his career do you think he pushes for meaningful playing time?

“Given the depth of the position room, Johnson will almost certainly redshirt in 2022. Much like Artis, it’s hard to see him making any significant contributions before his third year in the program in 2024.” --Clay

What do you think is the most realistic outcome for Tyler Johnson: depth provider, starter, multi-year starter, all-conference, or all-american?

Clay: Depth provider
Marty: Starter
Patrick: Depth provider

Lastly, where do you have Tyler Johnson ranked in Penn State’s class?

Clay: No. 18
Marty: No. 15
Patrick: No. 20