2022:The Great Unknown

Trying to predict the 2022 season will be more difficult than usual due to the turnover of talent. Losing six key starters from a great defense will not help. We lost our games last season due to a lack of offensive production or execution vs performance from the defense.

On offense, we have a dichotomy of talent change, losing our best player in Dotson, but perhaps gaining our next best player in Allar or Singleton or Allen. I think we will be better on offense because of our new running backs, better play from our tight ends and hopefully a real competition at QB. Although Clifford improved significantly in 2021, he has a limited ceiling and does not possess superhuman durability. We were woefully prepared for a Clifford injury last year and pray that CJF does not annoint him starter again before very late August.

In the end, we get worse on defense, unless Diaz is a true master, and better on offense. Will we have a better record than 7-6? At least we won’t play Illinois!

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