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MMQB - Into the Off Season We Go

I miss football already

Auburn v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

With the Outback Bowl in the rearview mirror, the 2022 off season is officially here.

I miss football already.

We’ll have plenty to discuss in the coming weeks and months - transfers in and out, a potential schedule shuffle by the Big Ten, way-too-early looks at the team for 2022, the Blue and White Game.

But for now, I’ve hit the post-season blues. Some of it comes from the fact that the holidays are behind us as well, and all we’re left with is a cold, gray slog between now and April.

Sure, there’s basketball, hockey, and wrestling to keep us interested.

But no football just makes me a bit melancholy - hits me the same every year, regardless of how well the team did on the field.

Beyond the winter PSU sports, what sort of things keep you going and interested in the off season? What fun hobbies does everyone partake in? I’m a puzzler myself, and a fairly avid reader. Do we have any woodworkers among us? Tanners? Cobblers? Smokers-of-fine-meats?

How do you pass the time when there’s no Penn State football ongoing?