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Oh, Hello: 2024 OL Cooper Cousins Commits to Penn State

No. 1 for 2024!

Committed text alongside fireworks. Eli Moreta-Feliz, Black Shoe Diaries


Height/Weight: 6-foot-5, 285 pounds
Hometown/High School: Erie, PA (McDowell H.S.)
Ranking: N/A
Notable Offers: Kentucky and Pittsburgh



Being that he’s only a sophomore, Cousins didn’t break into the recruiting scene until earlier this fall. That’s when he began picking up FBS offers — first from Kentucky on October 7 with the Nittany Lions not far behind, offering Cousins during an unofficial visit for the Illinois game (lol) on October 23. Cousins made his way back to Happy Valley for a junior day over the weekend, and apparently saw all he needed to see as he made the call for the Nittany Lions despite his signing day being just under two years away.


Listen, we’re talking about a sophomore here and an offensive lineman. It’s basically impossible to have that great of an idea of what Cousins will be. I mean, even position wise, he played center for his high school this past season, but he very well could end up in the 6-foot-7 area and a tackle. Clearly though, he has size, athleticism, and talent, which is really all you can ask for at this stage. Whether he turns into a Top 100 prospect or a solid three-star remains to be seen, but there’s obviously enough there that offensive line coach Phil Trautwein was happy to get him in the fold.