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Position Grades: Michigan

Well, this should be fun...

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Welp, time to rip off the band-aid, I guess!

Quarterback: D

Sean Clifford might have a bright future as a professional entrepreneur, as he totally sold a fake handoff and ran untouched up the middle 62 yards to help set up Kaytron Allen’s touchdown run a few plays later. His grim future as a professional quarterback though was pretty clear, as he had another unremarkable afternoon. An injury led to Drew Allar playing most of the fourth quarter, who went on to have a pedestrian performance (5-for-10, 37 yards passing).

Running Back: D

Allen scored PSU’s lone offensive TD of the game, which is the only reason this isn’t an ‘F’ grade. Both Allen and Nick Singleton had very quiet showings while Michigan’s Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards did everything you’d ideally like to see out of PSU’s duo. Painful.

Wide Receiver: C

Mitchell Tinsley had five catches for 57 yards to lead the way, while Harrison Wallace had a nice deep catch for 48 yards, and Parker Washington caught three balls. It was a quiet afternoon though, for this unit.

Tight End: Incomplete

Brenton Strange had one catch for nine yards as he, Theo Johnson, and Tyler Warren rarely seemed to be targeted in the pass game. Hard to really gauge much from this unit when they were somehow ignored.

Offensive Line: D

Ah, there’s the old overmatched O-line we’ve come to know and love!

Defensive Line: D

Michigan dominated in the trenches on both sides of the ball, which allowed the Wolverines to go over 400 yards on the ground. The pass rush outside of a few plays, wasn’t much to write home about, but it hardly matters when you’re getting gashed on the ground anyways.

Linebacker: D

Curtis Jacobs’ pick-six is the only thing preventing this from a big, fat, F. Jon Sutherland and Tyler Elsdon seem like good folks, but neither has any business playing linebacker in the Big Ten, with their lack of athleticism and inability to tackle. More Abdul Carter and Kobe King, please.

Secondary: C

PSU only gave up 145 passing yards, but when Michigan was busy running it at will, that’s hardly any solace.

Special Teams: B

Barney Amor is probably your MVP for the game, nailing a 50-yard punt and pinning Michigan inside their own red zone once. Jake Pinegar also kicked a 27-yard field goal to give PSU a 17-16 lead early in the third quarter. Special teams were without question, the best unit on the field.