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Penn State Fan Rooting Guide: Week 8

UCLA’s unis are *siiiiiiiiiick*

Utah v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Well, Penn State is no longer in control of its Big Ten East destiny which makes this part of the job a little bit easier. Let’s get to it while the premise of this article is still barely hanging on to relevancy.

No. 2 Ohio State over Iowa

At this point, we’re hanging onto the fantasy of the 2016 season — Penn State gets blown out by Michigan, but has a miraculous turnaround to knock off Ohio State, and then has Michigan lose two more times to give the Nittany Lions the B1G East crown. With that being the case, we’re rooting for the Buckeyes here so they can once again come into Beaver Stadium ranked No. 2 just like they did back in 2016.

Purdue over Wisconsin

Big. Ten. West. Champs. Pur. Due. Boiler. Makers.

No. 14 Syracuse over No. 5 Clemson

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Penn State fans should want to see the ACC all beat each other so they all eliminated one another from the College Football Playoff. The biggest contender is obviously Clemson, so the sooner they lose, the better. Although the Orange would then be 7-0, I’m thinking they have a loss or two left on their schedule.

No. 17 Kansas State over No. 8 TCU

The Horned Frogs are the last undefeated team in the Big 12, which — despite my love for Max Duggan — means they gotta go.

LSU over No. 7 Ole Miss

Obviously, Penn State wants all the teams ranked ahead of them to lose, and this is a perfect scenario for that to happen. LSU is unranked at 5-2, but they host an undefeated Ole Miss team whose best win is a three-point victory over Kentucky. Geaux Tigers.

No. 20 Texas over No. 11 Oklahoma State

This is an obvious one. Texas is 5-2. Oklahoma State is 5-1. Both of these teams having two losses at the end of Saturday is the best case scenario. Like I said with the ACC, you want the Big 12 to basically eat itself.

No. 24 Mississippi State over No. 6 Alabama

Same idea as Texas/Oklahoma State: you want both these teams having two losses come the end of Saturday. Granted, this one is a little less likely than Texas over Okie State, but still, Penn State fans should want Alabama to lose.

No. 10 Oregon over No. 9 UCLA

This is a tough one because despite the fact that Oregon does have one loss, it was to No. 1 Georgia way back in week one. Although it was in blowout fashion, I think the CFP committee could overlook that if the Ducks string off 12 straight wins on their way to the Pac-12 Championship. That being said, I’m not overthinking this one and going with the Ducks. UCLA is undefeated, so at this point, just root for as many one-loss teams as possible.