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Penn State Fan Rooting Guide: Week 9

One last week of relevance for this article?

Kansas State v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Well, this article is either going to gain a whole lot of importance on this website or it’s going to turn into a pathetic “let’s try to get to a New Year’s Six Bowl” as if anyone cares about the NY6 Bowls outside of the Rose Bowl anymore.

No. 22 Kansas State (5-2) over No. 9 Oklahoma State (6-1)

As always, what Penn State fans generally want to root for is for everyone else to be worse than Penn State. It’s that simple, really. In this case, Oklahoma State is ranked ahead of Penn State so we, as Penn State fans, want the Cowboys to lose. Big 12 feasting on each other is a good thing.

No. 19 Kentucky (5-2) over No. 3 Tennessee (7-0)

With a trip to Athens, Georgia coming next weekend, this could be a little bit of a lookahead spot for the Volunteers; though it is in Knoxville. Regardless, a two-loss Tennessee team is the best thing for the Nittany Lions at this point, and with Missouri, @South Carolina, and @Vanderbilt left on the schedule, this might be the best “other loss” option.

Michigan State (3-4) over No. 4 Michigan (7-0)

In the ideal scenario where Penn State beats Ohio State on Saturday, we then revert back to 2016 where we need the same thing to happen: Michigan to lose to Ohio State plus another game. While this looked like it could have been the second loss earlier in the season, Sparty has proven itself to be Not Good at 3-4. So as nice as an upset in the Big House would be, it looks likely that the Wolverines head into November undefeated.

West Virginia (3-4) over No. 7 TCU (7-0)

Like I mentioned earlier, we should be rooting for the Big 12 to all beat up each other so the eventual champion has two losses. Although this doesn’t appear to be that much of a challenge for the Horned Frogs, this is a tricky game given it’s in Morgantown at 12:00. Not necessarily predicting an upset, but weirder things have happened.

Florida over No. 1 Georgia

You know, there’s absolutely a case to be made that Georgia finishing the year undefeated is a good thing because it doesn’t make the SEC any messier than it needs to be. But at this point, I think you still root for mostly chaos anywhere and everywhere you can get it. Go Gators.