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Penn State Fan Rooting Guide: Week 6

Shoutout Noah Cain.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Nittany Lions get a bye week, which means that us Penn State fans will have the day and night to simply enjoy the college football Saturday. As far as a rooting interest for Penn State, it really remains the same as you’ll see in a bit: root for Ohio State and Michigan, while hoping that other teams ranked ahead of the Nittany Lions falter.

No. 4 Michigan over Indiana; No. 3 Ohio State over Michigan State

As discussed last week, it seems like the optimal scenario — at this point — if for Penn State to face an undefeated Michigan and an undefeated Ohio State. Perhaps we as Penn State fans will have to start rooting against the Wolverines and Buckeyes at some point, but for now, root for them both to win.

Purdue over Maryland

Ladies and gents, the Big Ten West is an abstract disaster. All these teams absolutely suck in the grand scheme of the college football world. After two conference games, Northwestern, Nebraska, Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa are all tied for the division lead at 1-1. For Penn State to take advantage of this display of pathetic, the best case scenario is that Purdue rises from the poop ashes as the king of the West.

No. 25 LSU over No. 8 Tennessee

The Volunteers still have Alabama and Georgia on the docket so a loss — probably two — will be coming in short order. But that doesn’t change the fact that Penn State wants to be as high as possible as soon as possible. Root for the Tigers who host Tennessee this Saturday; albeit, for a noon kickoff.

No. 19 Kansas over No. 17 TCU

The Big 12 shouldn’t have too much trouble beating up on themselves throughout the season, so who to root for here just comes down to personal preference. I personally think that TCU is a bigger threat than Kansas over the scale of the season so it makes more sense to root for a Jayhawks victory here.

Washington State over No. 6 USC

If this were taking place in Pullman, I think there would be more hope that the Cougars could pull this off. But with it going down in the L.A. Colosseum, it seems likely the Trojans move on to 6-0. But good news might be ahead, with USC having to go to Utah next Saturday.

No. 18 UCLA over No. 11 Utah...

This is a tough one because the Utes already have one loss while UCLA remains undefeated. Both have similarly difficult schedules left, with both teams having to face off against USC and Oregon. The reason I’m going with UCLA here though: I think Utah is actually the better team. Perhaps I am wrong, but I can buy an 11-1 Utah team more than an 11-1 UCLA team.


These aren’t going to get individual blurbs, but obviously you want Texas A&M > No. 1 Bama, Auburn > No. 2 Georgia, Boston College > No. 5 Clemson, Texas Tech > No. 7 Oklahoma State, and Vanderbilt > No. 9 Ole Miss because they are all ranked ahead of Penn State.

Check out odds for these games and others in week six. Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.