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Tuesdays with Obviously: Indiana

Quarterbacks, injuries, and a look ahead to the Hoosiers

Syndication: York Daily Record Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK

Coming off a loss to No. 2 Ohio State, James Franklin, as is custom, spent time Tuesday speaking to reporters about his team.

As is custom here, you can read the whole transcript by clicking HERE. Otherwise, check out this synopsis that includes a lot of quarterback talk, a lot of tackle talk, and one question about next week’s opponent.

Opening Statement

Franklin went back to Saturday’s 44-31 loss against the Buckeyes and again lamented losing the turnover battle. He did say the positives were that his team played extremely hard and has shown growth. According to Franklin, that needs to continue as Penn State enters its final month.

Shifting to Indiana, Franklin mentioned some players to watch on each side for the Hoosiers, who have lost five straight games.

Quarterback Questions

As expected, Franklin was greeted with questions about whether or not a quarterback change could be ahead for his team. He said it wasn’t his decision alone, but it was a question that he had talked to a lot of different staff members about - notably offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich as well as former head coaches (Manny Diaz and Ken Whisenhunt) who are on his staff. Ultimately, Franklin said he was searching for the quarterback that gives his team the best chance to be 1-0 at the end of the week.

Two more questions about Allar followed - one about his progress in practice and the other about potentially using two quarterbacks. Franklin reiterated that Allar was doing well in practice before taking some umbrage in saying that Penn State has already shown a commitment to getting Allar gametime. Ultimately, Franklin went back to the best chance to go 1-0 answer.

Got to Finish

Franklin took a question about how his team matched up with Ohio State and reiterated what he said already - that his team played really hard and did a lot of things well. He talked about the luck factor that came with a couple of the batted balls turning into interceptions before once again noting that his team needs to finish better in the fourth quarter.

A similar follow up question brought forth a comparable response as the press conference remained centered on how close Penn State was to pulling an upset a week ago. Franklin continued to say that it was a few plays that kept the Lions from getting the win, while noting that he is seeing improvement with his team in the past couple weeks.

More About Quarterback

A couple longwinded questions about the difference of 8 wins vs. 11 wins and the value of the quarterback position. James answered both as you’d expect - saying that every position is examined in a similar way with conversations about who should be getting reps and that it’s his responsibility to help the team aim for 1-0 each week. Franklin said, obviously (there’s mine for the day) that it’s easier to sub at all other positions in order to get that experience and depth that coaches desire.

Olu Time

Back-to-back questions followed about starting left tackle Olu Fashanu - who was injured late in the Ohio State loss. Franklin offered nothing about the injury (it is Tuesday after all) before spending a lot of time praising the emerging star. Franklin noted that because of changes in rules, there have been more agents calling Fahanu’s family. Meanwhile, Franklin noted that Olu has a chance to be both an All-American player and academic All-American. Later, Franklin reiterated that Olu does his job consistently and without drama.

More about Quarterback

There was a lot of discussion about Sean Clifford and whether or not his role as a six-year team captain impacted any of the conversation about the quarterback position. Franklin noted that there are other multiple-time captains with six years of experience who have lost their full-time roles in the lineup. Franklin also spoke about the relationship that he has with Clifford and then took an overall view of how he does sometimes miss the relationship that came with being a position coach. Lastly, and maybe raising some eyebrows, Franklin acknolwedged that Clifford has requested a meeting with his head coach.

And more about...

Yes, more specific about Allar. Franklin was pressed about what the freshman is doing well in practice. He spoke about Allar’s arm talent before then moving to talking about the success of the room as a whole and Clifford’s leadership in it.

And more about...

More questions about Fashanu - and Franklin continued the praise of the offensive tackle, a 19-year-old whose family Franklin has met with out his NFL future.

Running back talk

Nothing new here - compliments for Kaytron Allen and Nicholas Singleton. Franklin did shed some light on Keyvone Lee, noting that he has been injured.

An Indiana mention

The Hoosiers are the opponent on Saturday and there was a whole one question aimed at talking about Indiana. He mentioned how Allen likes to take away one aspect of your offense and make you one dimensional. Somehow this answer also involved the fact that Marcus Allen recently sent Franklin an autographed jersey.

Mr. Washington

The press conference closed with some praise for Parker Washington and his output the past two weekends. He said Washington was the most established wide receiver entering the year and he has played well.

Obviously Count - 15 (14 by Franklin)