Thanks to all who served!

Thank you to all who served! The expression "Some gave all, all gave some." remains true. I salute you, my sisters and brothers, for offering that blank check of your life to America. If you are carrying any burdens, feel free to email me (in my profile) or seek professional help - there is NO shame in unburdening yourself of harsh memories and events.

And thank you to those who support veterans and service members! I am especially grateful for families of veterans and service members; you serve in ways that are not obvious but no less important. Your burdens should also not be carried alone - hope you can find someone to share any challenges with.

I try not to wish folks a "Happy Veterans Day" as "happy" is not always the appropriate emotion. If you see or know a veteran or service member, offer a sincere word of thanks. If possible, ask the vet/service member to share a memory or two -- you may be surprised by some stories!

De Oppresso Liber

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