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Turning Point: Should’ve Just Taken The Touchback, Maryland.

The tone of the game was set from the opening kick in Penn State’s favor.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

In completely one-sided outcomes like this past weekend’s beatdown of Maryland, it’s hard to find a single moment to mark as a turning point: Perhaps it could’ve been any of the seven sacks for the Penn State defense. Perhaps it could’ve been Nick Singleton’s second touchdown run on fourth and one where he dragged a tackler with him to the end zone.

Really, this game showed ominous signs that it was going to go Penn State’s way from the opening kickoff when Maryland’s Octavian Smith Jr. made the ill-advised decision to return it from a few yards deep in his own end zone and got tackled around his own 10-yard line. PSU proceeded to force a three-and-out that culminated in Zane Durant sacking Tagovailoa, forcing the Terps to punt from the back of their own end zone, followed by taking advantage of superb field position in Terps territory to score a TD on PSU’s opening drive of the game.

The Lions would never look back after those opening series and thanks to a healthy dose of Singleton and Jake Pinegar’s leg, had this game wrapped up at halftime, allowing the fans bearing it out in the miserable weather to head home if they so desired. Oh Maryland, you should’ve just taken the touchback...