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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Penn State vs Rutgers

Oh the weather outside is frightful

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports


Not sure what really needs to be said about this game, but here goes. Rutgers has a good defense, and Penn State has a good offense. In theory, those cancel out more or less, though I do expect that Penn State’s star players on offense outshine Rutgers a bit, and the Lions are able to generate some point.

Rutgers does NOT have a good offense, and Penn State has an ELITE defense. The Scarlet Knights may not break 10 points, fluke plays notwithstanding. I’ll take the good guys to put together enough competent offensive drives to get up a few scores, and for the backups to take it home (preferably at halftime, but certainly not later than mid-third quarter).

Penn State 42, Rutgers 9


As Marty might say, even Sean Clifford can beat Rutgers.

Penn State 38, Rutgers 10


If an injury and flu-riddled Penn State team was able to beat Rutgers by four touchdowns last year, imagine what this year’s outfit will do.

Penn State 45, Rutgers 7


Rutgers is bad. Like, BAD. Let’s hope the Nittany Lions dominate and we get to see plenty of Drew Allar.

Penn State 38, Rutgers 6


There were a lot of questions about how motivated Penn State would be entering November after their fourth quarter collapse against Ohio State ended any conference or playoff hopes. The Nittany Lions have answered with emphatic wins against Indiana and Maryland. I think enough of Schiano as a coach to know that he’ll have Rutgers up for this one and they’ll play hard, keeping things closer than Penn State fans would like for much of a chilly Saturday late afternoon -much like in 2018 and 2019. But, ultimately, I think Penn State’s talent and depth win out in the end.

Penn State 31, Rutgers 10


Rutgers is going to come in ready for a fight and a win to define their 2022 season and change the trajectory of the program heading into the future. However, it won’t matter because Penn State has something special going on - in a season where we keep seeing the top 25 reshuffled and recycled week-to-week, the Nittany Lions have been able to play to their potential each time they take the field. This is a huge credit to the coaches and players. The season is long and grueling, and the fact that we’ve seen all sides of the ball clicking during the stretch is a mighty impressive feat, especially when you consider the injuries facing the Nittany Lions.

This one is easy — Penn State is the better team, they play like the better team, and notch another satisfying victory as the 2022 regular season winds down.

Penn State 35, Rutgers 6