New NCAA Football Game in '24

Link to the ESPN article: New NCAA Football Game in Summer '24.

The developers aren't saying much (Its still a little early for details), but it sounds like the focus is making the gameday atmosphere true to real life and having the gameplay itself feel accurate to college football. Its based on the same engine as Madden, but the developers seem to recognize that college football fans don't want a Madden clone with college skins. Also, its heartening to hear that Dynasty mode seems to be at the top of the list of features.

I know EA gets a bad rap for caring more about features where they can sell you stuff like Ultimate Team, and while I'm sure some of that stuff will make it into the game (they had a rudimentary version of it in NCAA 14 too), it looks like they recognize what the core NCAA Football fans want out of this game.

What improvements or features do you want to see in the game? How beastly are the going to be junior year trio of Allen, Singleton, and Allar going to be? Will a Penn Stater be the cover athlete after winning the NC? Can you score triple digits against Pitt?

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