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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs No. 17 Illinois Open Thread

The Nittany Lions have their toughest game of the season early as they travel to Illinois.

Flaming Bus Jumping over a line of motorcycles.

Penn State let another first half lead slip away, as Michigan State slowly, but surely took control of the game in the second half, and would not look back. Missed free throws and an abysmal showing from three-point land doomed the Lions, a concern given the style of play they employ this season.

Now, the Lions have to head back on the road and face an Illinois team that just got done taking down No. 2 Texas in Austin, to the Illini should be flying high and full of confidence for this one. The sincere hope is that confidence turns into overconfidence, and the Lions can take advantage with a good game from beyond the arc and disciplined defense.

As always, open thread rules apply. No illegal streams, no NSFW content, and for the love of all things cute, be nice to each other, the players, and the staff!

Here’s to a victory! We Are!