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Penn State-Purdue Opener Moved to Thursday Night


Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

In a move that was long rumored, Penn State Athletics officially announced today that the Nittany Lions season season opener has been moved from Saturday, September 3 to Thursday, September 1 against Purdue.

As the graphic shows above, the time and the television network are to be announced, but you can safely assume this will be a 7:00 or 8:00 kickoff.

The reactions to this have been interesting and all over the map from love to hate to whatever. My guess is that those who hate it are:

  • “Purists” in the sense that every college game should be played on Saturday.
  • Think this will make the atmosphere more amped than a Saturday.

I’m firmly in the “like” it camp. I think the Thursday night opener is pretty cool, and while the atmosphere at Ross Ade might be more lively than usual, that’s what sports are all about. Going into a raucous environment and getting it done. Plus — it’s Purdue. Not Ohio State. Not Michigan State. Not even Michigan State. Purdue. Solid team, good coach, etc. But this isn’t some impossible task so I’m on board.