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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs Purdue Open Thread

Penn State is still playing basketball!

Flaming Bus Jumping over a line of motorcycles.

A ****, here we go again! Penn State is still alive, and they face a Purdue team coming off almost a full week’s rest. As mentioned earlier today, the Boilermakers have ended Penn State’s hopes of a deep run in the Big Ten Tournament twice in the past seven seasons, and the Lions will hope that the third time is the charm!

But to do that, they’ll need to leave everything on the court against a team that can pour it on at any given moment. If Penn State can contain the Purdue onslaught and play their brand of offense and control the pace of the game, they can stay in this one. But, will there be tired legs? Will fatigue get the best of the Lions down the stretch? We shall find out!

As always, open thread rules apply. No NSFW content, no illegal streams, and for the love of all things cute, be nice to the players, coaches, and each other!