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MMPG - Gotta Run it Back?

Could next year be the year?

Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Penn State officially wrapped up its 2021-22 season after an entertaining run through the first few rounds of the Big Ten Tournament. Overall, the Lions had an up-and-down season, but were - for the most part - competitive.

Sure, there were some head-scratchers (Nebraska anyone), but the team played some solid ball against the top portion of its schedule.

This is all setup to ask: what happens if Penn State returns most of its players next year?

Jalen Pickett has already announced that he’ll be returning next year. Thanks to COVID, Sam Sessoms and Myles Dread also have an extra year of eligibility. Add in the possibility that Seth Lundy could return, and the Lions could actually find themselves in position to have a really good year in 2022-23.

This isn’t to say if all of those players returned that the Lions would be handed a berth in the dance. Adding some talent like Kebba Njie will absolutely help, but he’ll be a true freshman. Finding a solid big man through the portal would be clutch, though admittedly solid big men don’t grow on trees.

Now, I’ve been a PSU fan for a long time, and every single time I get my hopes up, something bad happens. But from my comfy armchair, if I squint real hard, I can actually see something shiny on the horizon.

Will next year be the year Lions’ fans have been waiting for? Gotta happen one of these times, right?