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Wrestling Session I Recap: Penn State Takes an Early Lead With 15.5 Points

Penn State took an early lead on the strength of Bonus Points by six different wrestlers.

Beau Bartlett gets his hand raised in his first Nationals bout.
Scott Pilutik | Black Shoe Diaries

(edited to correct trackwrestling scoring error in Iowa’s Cassioppi bout)

Penn State returned to its old self in the Bonus Points department, and used them to take an early lead over second-place Iowa (12.5 points) and Michigan (12.5 points).

With its 9 wrestlers, PSU went 7-2 and earned Bonus in all but one victory.

With its 10 wrestlers, Iowa went 8-2 and earned Bonus in 3 of its 8 victories.

With its 9 wrestlers, Michigan went 8-1 and earned Bonus in 4 of its 8 victories.