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“Success With Honor” Penn State NIL Collective Launches

Get that money, baby.

NCAA Football: Penn State Blue White Game Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that has obviously been in the works for some time, it appears that Penn State student-athletes will have a much easier outlet to gain NIL deals/money with the launch of “Success With Honor.”

With an advisory board that includes notable Nittany Lions like Lavar Arrington, Todd Blackledge, Lisa Salters, Michael Robinson, David Taylor, Megan Hodge, and plenty of others, Penn State fans can now give monthly donations to support different Penn State Athletic programs, with the money going toward NIL deals for the athletes themselves. Here’s what the “Success With Honor” website says specifically:

Success With Honor has long been the ethos of every student-athlete that has donned a Penn State University uniform. Its mandate is clear – an unrelenting passion and dedication to competing at the highest levels of one’s ability, while never compromising one’s integrity in the pursuit of excellence.

It is this very principle that guides the work of the Success With Honor Collective, formed to help elevate, educate, and empower student-athletes at the greatest university in the world. The alumni and supporters of Success With Honor believe deep down in their hearts that Penn State student-athlete are destined to do great things, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that every current and future Nittany Lion has the opportunity to maximize the power of their name, image and likeness during their time in State College.

There are six different monthly donation levels: $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500. The more you pledge to a program (29 different teams are listed), the more perks and benefits you receiver — like access to supporter events.

The premise here is simple: while Penn State might not have tons of Terry Pegulas walking around, it does have a massive alumni base. Tapping into that alumni base and hoping for smaller level donations will certainly add up over time, and should make Penn State more competitive with NIL funding — which, love it or hate it, is going to be paramount in every sport moving forward.