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The 2022 Wrestling Postseason Kicks Off With the Big Ten Tourney

Penn State looks to be in great shape to challenge for its first Big Ten Tourney title since 2019.

Can Cael Sanderson lead a young lineup of seven underclassmen to another Coach of the Year award?
Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors

As our Ohio State friend, Dan Vest might say, it’s time for the Greatest Tourney In All the Land!

And this year’s Penn State team looks ready to take back the trophy it hasn’t lifted since the 2019 tournament. Relative to their success in the National Tourney, Penn State has (obnoxious sarcastic air quotes) struggled in the Big Ten Tourney. Whereas in the 11 National Tourneys Cael Sanderson has led Penn State into, the Lions have exited as team champion eight times for a 73% Championship Percentage, in the 12 B1G Tourneys, they have shockingly only walked away with six titles, for a measly, meager 50% Championship Percentage.

Some ists might find that appalling. Purist Elitists, for example. Jerkists, Shadists, H8ists—you know the type!

Now, I don’t personally identify with any of those demographics, and fancy myself a bit more of a Gratefulist, a heavy practitioner of Fanboyism over Contrarianism and, as such, am more inclined to adhere to the wisdom of KRS-One, who long ago once spat:

Of young people, to this there’s no sequel

Just a message: be peaceful

And loving, but not a sucker

And stay away from negative mother*$%ers

They only pull you down with their hate

But wait, here’s somethin’ to meditate...

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody, so soak up the following and we’re guaranteed to rock a party!

How to Watch

  • Big Ten Network: roving mat coverage, perhaps some split screens. All Producer-dictated; you get what they serve.
  • BTN Plus: individual mat cams for all for mats, selectable by us!

How to Listen

Penn State’s First Matchups

Via Bubba’s Website,

I slipped off my consistency & persistency goals toward the end of the season here, but we all get lifted by the help our squad. Big thanks to Frank O’Brien and Bubba for building the data resources used here. And to Sam Janicki, Tony Rotundo & Heather Weikel for creating the dope images. You guys rock & roll.

Additionally, since I’m ten thousand years late and light on my own content, please consider reading more preview content from some of our internet friends:

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Tony Rotundo


Sam Janicki,


Sam Janicki,


Tony Rotundo


Sam Janicki,


Heather Weikel | Black Shoe Diaries


Sam Janicki,


Sam Janicki,


Heather Weikel | Black Shoe Diaries


Heather Weikel | Black Shoe Diaries

Last thing before we get started this morning, I’d like to ask @kavija to lead us off and post for us a morning workout.

To get the juices flowing.

Blood & bodies moving. Mind clear, keyboard fingers nimble.

KRS can be further inspiration. Let’s use this energy anthem from 2002: Get Your Self Up. Its chorus line, easy to shout:

You gotta - get - your - self - up! You been knocked down?

Get yourself up! You been shot down?

Get yourself up! You been locked down?

Get yourself up! Get - your - self - up!

Been knocked down? Get yourself up!

Been shot down? Get yourself up!

You been locked down? Get yourself up!