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2022 Big Ten Wrestling Tournament Session 3 Recap & Finals Preview

Aaron Brooks’ thumb says Penn State is going to be ok.
Sam Janicki, sjanickiphotos

The tight three-team race looks like this:

  1. Michigan: 132
  2. Iowa: 122.5
  3. Penn State: 121.5

This morning’s Session 3 held the following bracket rounds:

  • Consolation Semifinals (3.5pts)
  • 9th Place consolations (0 team points)
  • 9th Place (0 team points)

Here are the lead changes after each weight, during this morning’s Session 3:

Key Matchups in the 3-Team Race

125: Hildebrandt & Ayala are finished scoring. Suriano can add 4+ points to Michigan

133: RBY vs Desanto: big 4 points available to the winner

141: Eierman is finished, and Nick Lee will earn 6 points as soon as officials decide to score it

149: Murin can earn 1+ for the Hawkeyes

157: Lewan can earn 4 for Michigan by beating Deakin; Berge & Young are fighting for the 1pt for 3rd

165: Amine vs Marinelli for 4+ points

174: Starocci vs Massa for 4+ points

184: Brooks vs Amine for 4+ points

197: Dean can get 4+ by beating Schultz; Brucki & Warner battle for 1+

285: Cassioppi has to face the Steveson beast. Win that and forget the 4pts, go straight to Legendary Status. Kerk vs Parris for 1+.

If we get any wrestling newbies, check out Bubba’s Primer here to catch yourself up before hitting the comments with your questions please.