Wrestling News: Beard, Freestyle, and Recruit Rankings

Wrestling News: Beard, Freestyle, and Recruit Rankings

Whole lot of happenings in the wrestling world so I figured I'd throw this out for discussion. Firstly, Michael Beard has entered the transfer portal per flo, Mineo and other sources. I wouldn't call in unexpected but, as a selfish PSU fan, I'd rather keep all the talent in Happy Valley. Lots of speculation that Michigan may be the best fit and would create some intense matches with returning National Champ Max Dean. Beard finding a new home will only add to the depth of the 197 field particularly if Ferrari can return.

Freestyle Season is here.

A whole lot of PSU/NLWC wrestlers and recruit targets will be in action over the next couple of months. This weekend is the Ultimate Club Duals. David Taylor's M2 club will be competing potentially featuring Levi Haines, Dalton Perry and other future PSU hopefuls. Flo has a free listing of the top talent already signed up.

Next weekend is the USMC US Open. It's a huge event that serves as a qualifier for the World Team Trials, both Seniors and Juniors. Cadet Champions at this event will be the National Team that competes for World's in July and Pan Am's in August. At the Senior level, most of the PSU/NLWC athletes have already qualified for the WTT so they won't be competing here. PSU Alums scheduled to compete include Mark Hall, Cenzo and Nico Megaludis. Baschamania and Intermat have been updating participants on their Rokfin feeds. Check them out if you have a subscription. If you don't subscribe, it's time you should. There's a lot of great content for wrestling fans for $10 a month. Be sure to subscribe through the NLWC's channel because that subscription payment gets distributed based on the particular channel you sign up with and which content you view.

Recruiting Ranking by Matscouts and Intermat

There's some more great content on Rokfin. Matscouts Willie has been reviewing the results of top ranked recruits over the last 6 years. Which schools are getting the most top recruits and which schools are getting the most out of those top recruits. Again it's subscriber info so I'm treading lightly here but, as expected, Coach Cael and staff are at the top of the charts. Since 2015 PSU has 9 top ten recruits that have combined for 9 individual titles. Ohio State has 7 top tens with 1 title, Myles Martin. Iowa has 5 top tens with 3 titles, all Spencer Lee.

RBY was just outside the top ten, ranked 12 in his recruiting class, and his 2 NCs add to PSU's dominance in the top 20 recruits. 10 time National Recruiting Champion Ohio State has 17 of those top 20 recruits with Martin's single National Title. PSU is second with 16 top 20s and 11 National Titles. These numbers do not include transfers like Nick Suriano, a top ten PSU recruit with 2 titles at other schools. Max Dean was not a Top 20 recruit in his class.

Intermat's Earl Smith re-ranks the 2017 recruiting class. The upside for us, Nick Lee moves up from his 9 rank to number 3 behind Spencer and Yianni. On the downside, Brady Berge came in ranked number 6. Earl dropped him to honorable mention, outside of the top 20. Unfortunately those injuries took their toll.

In another post, Willie also pointed out that PSU has at least one Top Ten recruit in each of the last 10 classes with Levi Haines coming in at number 7 in the current class. It's good to be the king.

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