2023 Recruiting Big Board for May

Last summer I put together a spreadsheet for the 2022 prospects to help myself visualize what each position shortlist looks like. This format helped me keep a bunch of the names straight and where Penn State stood as far as available spots for guys, so I figured it was a good time to do the same exercise for 2023. This is obviously not a complete list of all the guys Penn State is after, but it does cover most of the major names that have been thrown around on podcasts or articles. The order that guys show up on the list is a gut feel combo of talent as well as how realistic of a target they are. I also based the number of spots on the speculation from those articles. I'll be updating the google doc periodically as guys commit, come off the board, or set up officials.

I couldn't find a way to embed an image so here is a link to the Google Sheet.

Some thoughts based on where some of the rooms stand:

QB -- Marcus Stokes is in the boat, lets hope he stays that way.

RB -- London Montgomery may not have been the staff's first choice, however, I think he ends up at PSU. Consider these facts: Webb's recruitment has been all over the place, London was looking for a PSU offer, and the staff is contacting him more often. To me it looks like he is the odds on favorite to be the RB in this class.

WR -- Stubblefield has targeted a bunch of national prospects, but I don't get the sense that we lead for any of them. It's also one of the weaker positions in the wheelhouse area of the region. Rodney Gallagher is at the top of the board, and I don't think there are many fall back options, which is unfortunate because it looks like that recruitment will be a fight. Given that the 2022 class was heavy on receivers, I think this ends up being a small group.

TE -- Really strong commits, this room is full.

OT -- Jven and Donkoh are a good foundation for this unit, and it sounds like there could be 1/2 more additions with how well we are recruiting national guys. There isn't anyone I would be willing to put money on ending up at PSU, but there are enough quality targets to like our chances landing one more big fish.

IOL -- This is a really good group of interior players and I don't see us adding another.

DT -- I have Mega slated for DT, and I don't know if either 1 or 2 more at this position makes sense. There is a lot of talent still in play at this position so I could see it go either way.

DE -- I think we could end up with 3+ at this position since it is super deep regionally. A couple of guys have recently come off the board, but there is still a lot of talent close by. Mason Robinson was on a PSU podcast a few weeks ago and its hard to imagine that he ends up elsewhere.

LB -- This spot gets a lot more complicated if they lose either of Tony Rojas or Ta'mere Robinson. Both prospects are super important for this class.

S -- A couple of high end targets, and then a lot of confusion after that for me. Really good news that both Seldon and Nelson have scheduled OV's. I think the ON3 podcast has stated 5 DB's is probably the range. No idea how that breaks down as far as CB/S. The safety room is currently in a better position than corner. Also, I know nothing about Hussey, but the fact that the staff took him with Seldon/Nelson/Stewart on the board tells me they really like him.

CB -- They could use a couple of corners this cycle to help fill up a room that will likely be losing some talent next year. Unfortunately, this board is the least clear to me. Not a lot of good regional prospects. Not a lot of buzz with national guys either. I think they would want 2 more, but who actually is out there? Snowden has visited a couple of times, but he's from Michigan, and no telling if either of those schools offer.

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