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Probing the Portal: Penn State Hosts Drexel Guard

Things are happening.

NCAA Basketball: Drexel at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


The college basketball offseason is fully underway, and with that comes the ability to host transfer targets. Micah Shrewsberry & Co. were busy yesterday, hosting Drexel graduate transfer Camren Wynter, according to his IG story.

Wynter projects to slide in as another combo guard beside Jalen Pickett, likely sharing point guard and ball handling duties. The shot is the question, though. The 37.9% from three on 3.9 attempts per game during his sophomore and junior season: good! The 27.8% from three on 4.3 attempts: bad! Very bad! Bad Wynter!

Despite the questions about his shot, I think Wynter would be a quality addition. Just generally speaking, the more players who can dribble and pass, the better.


One of the other players mentioned in this week’s big board was UConn freshman transfer Rahsool Diggins. As the week has progressed, it’s clear that Penn State’s interest is real as Diggins is now setting up a visit to State College, according to Adam Zagoria.

Diggins was a super-talented prospect coming out of Archbishop Wood. He was ranked the No. 59 player in the 2021 class which — if you’re familiar with Penn State’s basketball history — would make him one of the most highly-rated players in the program’s history. So despite the slow start to his career at UConn, there is enough reason as to why Shrewsberry and Penn State are still so interested in Diggins.

The potential problem? Part of the reason Diggins is transferring is because he wants to play more. I don’t know how much playing time he’d be guaranteed at Penn State with Pickett, potentially Wynter, and Jameel Brown (who is highly-touted in his own right) also on the roster. So a potential speed bump there.