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BSD Mailbag 5.20.22

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Queen File Photos from Northern California Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage

Do you think Jimbo will let Saban’s comments go without an angry response?

Did you think he would let that go? He did not, and boy was it glorious:

What is your favorite color?
Dinsdale Piranha

Blue. It was red when I was a small child, and somehow changed. It worked out well when I eventually became a Penn State fan. Fortunately, I look good in blue and can hate all the red teams.

Whatever happened to Silly Putty? That stuff was great! Remember how you could press it onto a newspaper and transfer the print over to the putty?

I’m not touching your other questions, but happy to answer this one.

I was actually just reminiscing with a friend about silly-putty. You could mold into all kinds of things, it was fun to squeeze in your hands, and best of all - the comics. You could press it down, pick it up and see Hagar the Horrible, Hobbes, or the beehive lady from The Far Side. My guess is that silly putty is another casualty of the digital age. I don’t think many kids would care about using silly putty to get an image of a cartoon, when you can watch actual cartoons and a zillion other things by staring into a tablet.

What’s the greatest male vocal performance ever recorded?
Note: if you answer anything other than Freddy Mercury on ‘Somebody to Love’ you are going to need a very good explanation

We have the same answer. I’m partial to this 1981 performance in Montreal, but you can find plenty of other outstanding live versions as well. I’ve probably listened to this at least once a week for the past eight years or so.

I could also make a strong argument for anything from Otis Redding’s set at the Monterey Pop Festival. Shake is especially enthralling done in double time. I once watched a documentary about the event, and someone mentions how Otis followed the Mamas and the Papas, who were the most well known act at the time and biggest draw. Loads of people started filing out after their performance, as Redding wasn’t very well known. However, once Redding started Shake, people turned around and rushed back to their seats.

Finally, as a Pearl Jam fanatic I am required to mention any time Eddie Vedder sings Release.

How is it that I can go hours without the thought of picking my nose even crossing my mind, but the second I start driving it becomes priority number one? (hey, you said whatever nonsense we want)

I have a very similar but different issue - my nose always itches when I’m in the car. No big deal, but I always instinctively scratch it before looking around and thinking, “crap, they probably thought I picked my nose.”

Oh well, such is life.

Why can food sit in my pantry for months but as soon as I take to work because expiration date approaching it suddenly becomes desirable?

It’s because you have limited options at work compared to home when you have a full pantry and fridge and endless other possibilities that could be delivered to your doorstep at any moment.

Take bananas for instance. If I buy them and leave them at home, they are most likely to sit there until they turn brown. However, if I bring them into work I actually look forward to eating one around 10 a.m. when I need a quick snack.

Here’s my tip - only bring healthy foods with you to work. It will be much more enjoyable when it’s the only option you have at the moment. Plus, you can go home and have a cheeseburger and beer for dinner without any guilt.

You get to own 1 Guinness World Record, which one are you claiming?
Success With Honor Always

I would want to have the highest-grossing music tour. This means that:

-I am an extremely successful musician
-I am incredibly wealthy
-I have a loyal and passionate fanbase that will help result in longstanding success
-I put on a hell of a live show

Look out, Ed Sheeran.

#TB12 gets $375/M for 10-yr deal with Fox after he’s done playing. Anyone else find that insane or is it just me?

(Yes, I snatched this from Patrick’s mailbag questions so you’ll have to read my take as well. -JS)
It is ridiculous, but I also understand what Fox is doing here.

First off, Brady could be terrible. Anyone remember that year Joe Montana was behind the desk the first year after he retired? He was just a terrible fit for that job, and his heightened understanding of the game did not translate to the studio. Brady has the looks and charisma to be in front of the character, but it’s a specific skillset that doesn’t have much to do with your success on the field.

Also, Brady is extremely image-conscious, rightfully so as not to disrupt his many revenue streams. I could see him being a bit dull and rely on middle-of-the-road statements to avoid any controversial takes that could make his sponsors reimagine the relationship.

Now for why this makes total sense - Fox wants to keep the game’s biggest superstar of the past two decades involved for the long run, rather than seeing him drift of into other interests and disappear from the game. Plus, everyone has a strong opinion on Brady - love him or hate him, the guy generates eyeballs with everything he does.