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MMQB: Is College Football Your Favorite Sport?

Happy Monday, BSD.

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Being a writer on the only Penn State sports blog on the internet, I’m always fascinated by the people who read and interact with these articles — especially in some of these dead months like May and June. For me, Penn State football is my favorite team, with only the 76ers (sigh) coming close to matching the passion I have for them.

On a broader scale though, college football is far-and-away my favorite sport. I will happily spend 12 hours every Saturday from September through November watching college football, whereas there’s not really any other sport like that for me. I like the NBA, but can’t say I consistently watch other non-76er regular season games. Compare that with college football, and I can honestly say my college football fandom doesn’t waver whether Penn State is great or whether they are struggling.

So my question for you, BSD reader, is a simple one: is college football your favorite sport? If so, why? If not, what is?