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Oh, Hello: Jordan Sakal Commits To Black Shoe Diaries

Another One!

Committed text alongside fireworks. Eli Moreta-Feliz, Black Shoe Diaries

My name is Jordan Sakal and I have been a life-long Penn State fan. My father was a Penn State student and alumnus from the 1970s and he instilled in me a deep and abiding love of all Penn State sports, most especially football. I remember my fandom through the last of the lean JoePa years, through the glories of ‘05 and ‘08 and 2016 too. I eagerly await each year the return of sports optimism to Penn State like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano.

My favourite Penn State memory involves attending a game with my dad against Temple at Beaver Stadium. I remember freezing myself to the seat and then standing with the throngs cheering on Dear Old State as we pummeled Temple 47-0. It was raining absolute BUCKETS that night, but we stayed cheering, hooting and hollering all night despite the rain because it was for Penn State.

I wanted to join BSD specifically because I have been a longtime lurker, poster, and enjoyer of the content provided by my now colleagues here. I am chuffed to become a part of this amazing sports opportunity and am excited to share content with all of you in the future. At the risk of this sounding like a cover letter, previously, I wrote for my local newspaper when I was living in Pennsylvania and also have written for a lacrosse publication “In Lacrosse We Trust,” who are an awesome group of fellows to look into if lacrosse is a driving passion for you.

I trained originally in life as a journalist, my dream was to become the next Walter Cronkite. I was always inspired by his commitment to the truth and delivering the news with little fanfare. I hope that you, my readers will welcome me with warmth and help me live up to my hopes and dreams of providing you all with excellent Penn State sports coverage. Currently, I work in a local school district in the Nutmeg State and I am more than thrilled to be here writing for you now.

In solidarity, WE ARE!