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The King is Coming: Bo Nickal Set to Make Pro MMA Debut on UFC Fight Pass

He’s here.

Keystone Classic Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

After going 2-0 in his amateur MMA career, Bo Nickal is ready for his professional debut and he’ll be making it on UFC Fight Pass.

It has yet to be announced who Nickal will fight on June 3, but one thing is for sure: they have no chance in heck of beating Bo freaking Nickal. Whether it comes via a submission or whether Nickal comes over the top with that Nittany Lion left-hand, his opponent will be put to sleep by the King himself.

This is an important step for Nickal, who will eventually become the greatest MMA fighter who ever lived. With him making his pro debut on UFC Fight Pass, it only makes sense that he’ll eventually sign with the UFC itself and be fighting guys on the main roster.

MMA had its time, but the Cael Sanderson Penn Staters are coming. A new era is upon us. Embrace it or get slept, Dana White.