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MMQB - How Do You Keep Busy in the Off-Season?

Hobbies? Working out? Projects?

Leinster Rugby Squad Gym Session Photo By Harry Murphy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

We’re at the low point of the off-season, and at this point we’re all finding fun and interesting ways to pass the time until August rolls around.

MMQB asks: how do you keep busy in the off-season?

Do you maybe take advantage of the free Saturdays to do some projects around the house? The weather is finally warming up, now’s a good time for some yard work and landscaping.

Speaking of, warmer weather means more outdoor activities. Anyone pick up a new exercise regimen? Biking, hiking, running? Maybe you’re an indoor exerciser, and you get after those gainz in the gym.

What about any new hobbies? Anyone pick up something for the first time recently, get hooked, and now you have your very own miniature Civil War reenactment room? Button collection? Praying mantis breeding program?

Let’s hear what fun things everyone is doing while we wait for the calendar to roll to August, and for football to return!