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Only Golden Israel-Achumba Until Penn State Football

78 days!

NCAA Football: Penn State Spring Game
Trust us, there’s a No. 78 jersey somewhere in this photo...
Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

As we dive into the 70’s and 60’s for days to go, expect these next couple of weeks of the countdown to be all about the offensive linemen. Today, we honor Golden Israel-Achumba, who in the only photo we can legally use, has his No. 78 jersey covered up by Beau Pribula, who can be seen doing his best Trace McSorley impersonation by having Golden en lifting him up in the air.

After redshirting his true freshman season in 2020, Golden saw action in one game last season. Now in his third year with the program, he will seek to crack the two-deep and see a little more action in 2022.

Only 78 days until kickoff in West Lafayette!