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SWH III, Time for a spot of tea

We’ve got some fresh links for you all.

Penn State v Maryland Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

SWH III: Brought to you by the wonderful world of Bronchitis! (Hooray for being laid low with illnes)

Penn State Suffers Loss At O-Line

As has been discussed previously, Joshua Miller has moved on from the Nittany Lions and has gone to the Dawgs.

Penn State picking up (and putting down) where they left off

Penn State Football doing good work continuing to advocate for charities and grow the glory of Dear Old State. Personally, I think this is a really cool event that I think it would be awesome to attend, watching the athletes in action and spending time with adults and kids alike. An awesome look in my book!

England, Big Losers?

Tomorrow is the two-year anniversary of my dad’s death. He loved both forms of football, American and European (though not particularly a fan of England.) I however love the sport and I am floored that England suffered its worst loss since 1928. This is the sort of result that turns the heat on the hob under the seat of Gareth Southgate… How will England respond?

Get your popcorn out, It's Happy Gilmore Time

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, for today's special feature, we have a movie reference and a good one at that, but this time it's for real. A golfer from the state of Indiana is truly named Happy Gilmore and he is competing for the Indiana State boys golf title.

Happy’s story is truly remarkable, he shot an 80 at a Tour qualifying event, massively impressive for a high school aged student.

What will happen next? Will we see submarines coming ashore under the command of Jack Ryan and Marko Raimus? The world only knows.

Divisional Dilemma for Penn State

Would removing divisions from the Big 10 would benefit Penn State regarding its future as a football power? I am liable to agree with that position as even though I know we play Ohio State or Michigan every year rotating home and away, along with the rest of our divisional foes we only ever seem to play the powerhouses of the West.

Everyone should have equal opportunity to potentially beat up on other opponents. By removing divisions we would allow for a more balanced opportunity of play.

As we close this week, I do have a special question for the group:

Does anyone have a special collection of something that to them is precious? Was it inherited? Was it a gift from an old long-lost neighbour? Tell me your stories.

As for myself, I have many mementos, but these are three to start:

1. A tea service for five in a pattern called Harrow made by a company called Salt and Nixon which was only in existence for a few years around World War I.

2. A complete collection of old British pennies from Young Victoria to Elizabeth II.

3. My grandfather’s boatswain’s whistle from World War II.

Let’s hear your stories.