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Only Chris McKelvy Until Penn State Football

75 days!

Tackle Chris McKelvy #75 of the Penn State Nittany Lions

With nobody on the current roster rocking the No. 75 jersey, we’re jumping into the time machine to honor Chris McKelvy. McKelvy played on the offensive line from 2000-2003 and was a key part of the line that allowed Larry Johnson to become the first and only Nittany Lion thus far to reach 2,000 rushing yards in a season. He would later go on to sign on as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints in 2004 as an undrafted free agent and played in a few preseason games before continuing on with his life.

Today, McKelvy lives in the Pittsburgh area and is a technology consultant . He also was previously a Special Agent within the Department of Homeland Security which I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared crapless if a hulking former offensive lineman wanted to detain me for questioning.

Only 75 days to go!