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SWH is Back in the Sakal

We’re back for an extra classy edition of SWH

Wedding Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

My first time doing this... and I will open with a story. When I was in high school and college, I was part of my school’s news, weather, and sports news programme for students and the community. My “schtick” was much like that of fellow meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz that I wore bow ties and that my predictions would be fairly accurate, you could trust the bowtie when I made a prediction.

The reason I mention this story is that I will be using my bowtie prediction meter to talk about Penn State throughout the year including prediction posts and SWH here. I know this isn’t a prediction post, but cut me some slack.

It’s a trap!
VBR writes here that the Purdue game is more than a trap for PSU, and I am liable to agree, I think State pulls it off in the end, but Purdue has a history of bullying and battering No. 2 teams in the country. I know we are ranked nowhere near there, but I would definitely say State NEEDS to be prepared and come out swinging. Purdue like many other teams can hang with anyone else in the Big10. As my father used to say “Any given Saturday (or Sunday for NFL fans) and it is so true. Anything can happen, and PSU needs to be prepared.2. Now from SI (Does anyone still read SI anymore in print form? Genuine question)

The Biggest Threat?
As a fan and now as a writer, I HATE speculation, I hate sports talk radio as an industry because of the speculative/drama filled nonsense of it all and I had speculative puff pieces like this because... these thoughts go back to my previous reference to my father... ANY GIVEN SATURDAY. Any given Saturday anything can happen. PSU could slobberknock TOSU and Meatchicken and end up 15-0 and we could shock the world, or we could end up with Cliffy going down with a shattered shoulder and arm leaving us with parbaked Christian Veilleux or our untested freshers.

It might well be that Meatchicken will revert to being TOSU’s doormat, it might be that PSU will shock the world and be amazing, but to speculate about it when we don’t know anything yet is just a tremendous waste of hot air or ink and paper. Humbug I say to this article 3.

Looking Good on the Perimeters
Not much to say here, I personally agree with this article in terms of where our “power” is located as a team. I would love your thoughts on this...

Who’s Next?
My bowtie take: Allar, nuff said.