Boredom Mailbag! 6/22/22

Peak offseason topics are the best and I have a question that won't fit into the current threads. Yes, that's never been an issue around here but whatever, let's talk about summer plans if you have them, what you've got on the smoker, or smoking or other minutia that's on your minds. Not that anyone actually cares about my opinion, but I might actually answer if there are any questions as I work from home 99.99% of my time now and wow, do I have hours to fill when I'm not chasing around my son.

My question up for debate is the following:

The other night with a few friends, making s'mores for the kids around a small burn pile, (hey nothing like a fire when it's 93 and humid at 9pm but I digress,) a gnat, or small mosquito landed in my beverage and I dabbed my fingertip in the cup, discarded the intruder and went about my life. My wife looked at me as if I was a barbarian of some sort and was essentially appalled that I would continue drinking said beverage. (It was a beer, and icy cold at that.) What say you? Was this a faux pas in civilized society?

Update on the bulldog puppies, I won. They're named Yogi and Boo Boo. I didn't consider bulldogs when we were discussing new pets, but I'd highly recommend. They're great with the baby, who does everything he can to antagonize them and they just DGAF, they're about 12 weeks now and potty training was a breeze. A good walk in the morning with some quick potty breaks thru the heat of the day and a good walk around sunset and they're sated. We are going thru chewy toys at a rate higher than I thought but whatever and the cats are terrified of them to the point I've convinced the kids and my wife to rehome them as a bonus. #winning

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