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Only Floyd Wedderburn Days Until Penn State Football

It’s 69 days until Penn State plays at Purdue

Nittany Lion Pumped

There was a lot of change in Floyd Wedderburn’s life before he left Penn State and was a fifth round draft pick in the 1999 NFL Draft.

Wedderburn was born in Jamaica, moved to Canada, and ultimately lived near Philadelphia where he had a standout career for Upper Darby High School before winding up at Penn State.

With the Nittany Lions, Wedderburn seemed poised to make his mark on the defensive line before a knee injury precipitated a shift to the offensive line.

He was a part-time starter in 1997 before taking over at a tackle spot in 1998.

Wedderburn was a mid-round pick following the 1998 season and spent a couple years as a starter for the Seattle Seahawks.

Only 69 more days until Penn State is on the field.