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MMQB - Who Will Lead Penn State in Tackles and Be a Force in Stopping the Other Guy from Running All Over Us

You asked us. We asked everyone else on your behalf.

Illinois v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Two weeks ago MMQB inquired who may lead the team in interceptions in 2022. While there was much lively debate about which ball hawk will hawk the most balls, one reader proffered this response up instead:

To which your humble author noted that there are a plethora of Mondays before the start of the season for other questions.

Well, last I checked, this is another Monday before the start of the season, and I am nothing if not genuine. Big believer in doing what you say, and saying what you do. Lunch pail kinda guy. First in, last out.

So, MMQB asks: which player will lead in tackles and be a force in stopping the other guy from running all over us?

PJ Mustipher, Defensive Tackle

PJ was well on his way to a big paycheck following the 2021 season, when he was injured against Iowa, and was lost for the rest of the season. Having the nose tackle back for the year will be huge, and I expect him to make a ton of noise - even when opposing OLs double team him all game.

Adisa Isaac, Defensive End

Adisa was hoping for a breakout year in 2021, but an off-season injury kept him sidelined the entire year. Now in 2022 he’s penciled in as a starter, and with Mustipher hogging two blockers, Isaac can get after the ball carrier. He’s a bit on the lean side, however, so run stopping may not be his strong point.

Dani Dennis-Sutton, Defensive End

I don’t care that DDS is a true freshman. He’s going to come in and be a player for the Lions, and if he seizes the starting spot opposite Adisa, he’s going to rack up some good numbers. All aboard the DDS train!

Curtis Jacobs, Linebacker

The only returning starter at linebacker for Penn State, Jacobs is a natural athlete at the second level. Expect to hear Curtis’ name called frequently in 2022. The only issue may be if we hear his name too often, that will mean the DL hasn’t quite done it’s job as effectively as we all may like.

Anybody Else

Pick a name out of a hat - Ji’Ayir Brown, Kalen King, Kobe King, Charlie Katshir, Joey Porter, Jr. The list goes on. I will say, though, that if the leading tackler is a defensive back, then the DL really WILL have done a poor job with things.